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Celebrity Owned

Items previously owned by musicians, actors, sports icons.

Evening wear, guitars, vehicles, jewelry, art, pianos, personal items, and more. 

The excitement of winning an auction as the highest bidder is exciting on its own, but it can be especially thrilling if the item was previously owned by a music, sports, or Hollywood icon.  Think John Lennon’s piano would be cool to have…you are not alone. 

The piano that John Lennon composed “Imagine” sold for $2.1 million on an online auction in London in 2019. The winner was British pop singer George Michael.  Other bidders included Robbie Williams and Liam and Noel Gallagher.  Since then the piano has  been transferred to the Strawberry Field exhibition in Liverpool for all to enjoy.

For those who love to know the history behind a special item, buying celebrity owned items at auction is a fun process and if you were thinking of buying an electric guitar, why not buy one that has been preowned by a big talent.  Perhaps the talent will rub off and the increase in value doesn’t hurt either. 

“It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online”…Jeff Bezos

Other impressive  celebrity auction results include Michael Jordan’s Nike “Air Jordan’s.” They are said to be the most expensive shoes ever sold at auction according to Guinness. The right shoe was signed and the final winning bid sold for a n impressive $560,000! Jordan oddly preferred shoes that were mismatched in size while playing basketball, which explains why the left shoe was a size 13 and the right shoe was size 13.5.

Another notable auction was the sale of Kurt Cobain’s smashed Fender Mustang guitar.  Who would have thought at the time it would become such a desired collectible, but it did. It fetched $100,000 for it with duct tape ‘n all.

Ringo Starr’s Drum Set also made news when it sold for an impressive 2.2 million dollars in 2015.  It was said to have been part of over 200 Beatles performances from 1963-1964. 

Home run baseballs, vintage jewelry owned by starlets of the golden ages, props from classic and modern movies, celebrity owned personal items, are all things that will bring collectors of all types to the table.

Sometimes celebrities do not want their name connected to the sale of their items and we understand that too, which is why we often sell items under private cover. Fine art, fine jewels and other big ticket items typically fall into this catagory. 

Over the years we have sold Rolls Royces, costumes, jewelry, art, clothing, furs, furnishings, and personal items once owned by celebrities and sports icons. 

Whether you are a celebrity or the girl next door, you will get the same white glove service with us. 

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